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Digital Courses

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Get Your Kids to Listen ...

And Know What To Do When They Don't

If you're tired of the arguments, battles, and bad attitudes from your kids when you're just trying to get simple things done in family and you'd like to learn the heart-based tools and strategies to actually get your kids to listen (and have a simple 3-step process for dealing with when they don't), then check this mini-course out!  Learn how to use a basic instruction routine that kids actually respond positively to that also works on developing their hearts.  Develop the skills necessary to implement the 3-step correction response that is modeled around how God responds to us when we get off track.  AND learn how to tailor this all to your kids' unique ages, stages, abilities, and challenges.

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From Sibling Fights to Family Nights

Your How-To Parenting Plan for Resolving and Reducing Sibling Conflicts

If you feel more like a referee than a parent and are tired of bouncing from one argument to another, this digital course is for you.  Learn how to identify relationship roadblocks, build closer relationships in your family, know how to resolve sibling conflicts Biblically, and create a positive family culture that shapes the heart of your family. 

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Live Events

Nothing quite beats the energy and momentum that comes from hosting a live event.  B.J. offers several live event options and would love to come to your area to speak to your church, homeschool group, or other Christian community.

Cooperation, Consequences, and Keeping Your Sanity

Parenting is one of the toughest job we have, and sometimes just getting through the average day can feel like a battle.  But Jesus has a better plan for us.  Learn how to teach your kids to listen and follow instructions ... and what to do when they don't.  You'll also learn the heart-based philosophy of how and when to use consequences that motivate your kids' hearts and develop a 3 step response when kids need correction.  End discipline times in constructive ways that help your kids truly learn about repentance and forgiveness by bringing this parenting seminar to your community

B.J. teaches this parenting seminar through the National Center for Biblical Parenting.  Click the button below to learn more on their website and contact them if you are interested.  Make sure to mention B.J. by name if you are interested in having him present.

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Personalized Keynote or Workshop Event

Schedule B.J. to come and speak about parenting and family life as a keynote speaker or workshop presenter at your church, homeschool group, or other Christian community event.  Talk with B.J. about your group and your overall goals for your event so he can develop a message or workshop that perfectly fits your needs. 

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