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Increase  your  family's ability to navigate and resolve conflicts peacefully in the next 8 weeks 

without yelling, arguing, or losing your sanity


If you’re a parent looking to help your kids resolve conflicts while having a more peaceful, calm family then you already know that a lot of parenting advice nowadays just seems to miss the mark.

You've seen how being a strict disciplinarian might change kids’ behavior but rarely changes their hearts. You want a close and warm relationship with your kids, and you’ve seen how that doesn’t happen when you parent this way. You've liked some of what you've heard from more gentle, modern parenting books because they place a priority on relationships, but you've also seen some concerning results where kids get away with too much, and it feels like these approaches don't strike the right balance. You know that


God must have created a better way to do this parenting thing, but you’re at a loss to find it. So you’re just trying what you think is right and hoping it works better. But now you find yourself spending your time putting out fires and playing referee. Family life is overwhelming. You feel outnumbered, and you’re not sure where to turn to find a resource or approach you can trust.

If this describes you, then you’re in the right place. The time-tested, faith-affirming, and practical tools, strategies, and resources you will find inside this course along with the opportunities for community and personal coaching are the answer to many of your questions and roadblocks in family life. Get ready for some “Ah-ha!” moments and breakthroughs in relationships in your family as I show you how to parent the hearts of your kids like Jesus wants you to and get the results you only dream of now.

By the end of this course, you will ...

Gain clarity and develop a plan for change in family relationships using a heart-based approach

You’ll know exactly where to target your parenting and how to use the tools God has given us so you see results at a heart level

 Identify relationship roadblocks you see in your family and create solutions that address the underlying issues

You’ll recognize how anger, selfishness, and foolishness create problems in relationships and what solutions to these problems look like in your family. You’ll also develop a plan for managing emotions when they start running wild.

Build closer relationships in your family where family members look to Honor and contribute to family life

You’ll find honor-based solutions to problems in family life as you help your kids learn how to treat others as special, do more than expected, and have a good attitude. You’ll increase both cooperation and contribution in your kids so they are adding rather than draining energy from the family.

Know how to resolve sibling conflicts Biblically and what to do when problems seem too big for kids to solve

You’ll learn how to apply Matthew 18 to family life, empower your kids with specific conflict-resolutions skills that work, and help them learn how to genuinely apologize and forgive.

Develop an ability to coach your kids so you can resolve and even reduce sibling conflicts

You’ll know the right way to help your kids before, during, and after sibling conflicts occur; how to support your kids as a coach rather than a referee; and how to help your kids know the difference between tattling versus telling.

Create a positive family culture that shapes the heart of your family

You’ll start creating a plan for the future of your family that will help reduce conflicts as you develop affection, traditions, routines, habits, and wisdom practices that draw your family closer and build memories that last.

"B.J.’s insight into the heart of a child is remarkable. His ability to advise parents demonstrates his command of God’s Word and discernment in a way that empowers parents to bring about change in their children in a short amount of time. All parents would benefit from anything he writes or teaches."

Dr. Scott Turansky, Co-founder of the National Center for Biblical Parenting

"B.J. understands how real life and real kids operate and helps us practically solve our very daunting parenting problems.  He has given us a structure and language to use with our very challenging ADHD son and other neurotypical children that we can really get behind and practice."

- Phil and Laura
Biblical parenting coaching family

"We have had MUCH fewer really, really "tough moments" which I am so thankful to the Lord for and give Him thanks!!! We still have those tough times but they happen once every couple of days to a week compared to several times a day! Praise Jesus! "

- Ryan and Val
Biblical parenting coaching family

"B.J. was a timely grace from God for our family.  Our home has become much more peaceful and loving.  B.J. is a master teacher who coaches parents how to partner with God in raising their children to be faithful disciples today and tomorrow."

- John and Becky
Biblical parenting coaching family

What's Inside From Sibling Fights to Family Nights

Module 1

Getting to Know Your Family

Module 1 is all about assessing your family so you know where you need to take action. It's about using some visual tools I provide to help you quickly analyze the complex dynamics of the relationships in your family so you can start moving forward with a plan for change.

Module Highlights:

During this module, you will:

  • Create a family relationships map that evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of every relationship in the family
  • Develop a plan for change in one relationship in your family using the 7 Tools for Heart Change
  • Take action on increasing positive relationship investments with each of your children this week
Module 2

Identifying Relationship Roadblocks

Module 2 is the first step of the Build Phase. In this module, you will learn about the common roadblocks that interfere with relationships along with how to start busting through those roadblocks. You’ll start looking at that family relationships map in a whole new light as you begin to understand some of the root causes of the relationship problems in your family. You’ll also grow excited as you start realizing that some of the solutions are not too hard to implement.


Module Highlights:

During this module, you will:

  • Learn about the 3 main relationship roadblocks of anger, selfishness, and foolishness
  • Identify the types of roadblocks interfering with different relationships in your family
  • Develop heart-based solutions to start addressing some of these roadblocks
Module 3

Discovering Honor-based Solutions

Module 3 is the second step of the Build Phase.  In this module, you will learn the definition of Honor and how Honor can transform family life because Honor works on the hearts of those in the family.  You’ll discover that for every problem in family life, there’s an Honor-based solution.  You’ll start challenging your children and whole family to find ways to Honor others.  By the end of the week, you’ll be thinking in terms of Honor because Honor is exactly what Jesus calls us to do as His followers.

Module Highlights:

During this module, you will:

  • Learn how to define Honor in language that is easy for children and adults to understand and act upon
  • Teach your children to Honor others in practical, everyday terms that add positivity to family life
  • Create opportunities for your family to Honor others individually, in teams, and as a family no matter what ages or stages your children are
Module 4

Resolving Conflicts Biblically

Modules 4-6 focus on the Connect Phase where we connect everything you’ve been building thus far in this course to your everyday experiences in family life. In this module, you will learn how to take the Biblical model of conflict-resolution and apply it to family life. You’ll learn how to teach your children the necessary life skills of resolving conflict and how to help them practice those skills before tensions rise. You’ll develop a common language in your family so that when problems do come up, you’ll all know exactly what to do to solve those problems.

Module Highlights:

During this module, you will:

  • Develop a framework for how to resolve conflict in your family based on Matthew 18
  • Teach your children how to engage in authentic conversations to resolve conflicts on their own when possible and when to get additional help
  • Understand how to genuinely apologize, the role of forgiveness, when additional consequences may be necessary, and what those consequences might be
Module 5

Shifting Our Focus in Parenting

No matter how much we may work with our children to help them resolve conflicts peacefully, we will still have sibling conflicts crop up in family life because we still live in a fallen world. So as parents, we need to know how to shift our focus and coach our children before conflicts arise, when conflicts happen, and after conflicts end. 

Module Highlights:

During this module, you will:

  • Learn how act as a coach instead of a referee when your children when engage in sibling conflicts
  • Teach your children how to tell the difference between tattling versus telling
  • Develop practical parenting skills to avoid getting into the “boxing ring” of emotions with your children when tensions rise
Module 6

Strengthening the Heart of the Family

In this last module, you will start looking forward towards not simply resolving sibling conflicts but actually reducing them as well by developing the heart of your family. You’ll learn the core elements of a positive family culture and what you can do to develop and promote it in your family. You’ll learn how strengthening the heart of the family is the key to true transformation in family life.   

Module Highlights:

During this module, you will:

  • Define what a positive family culture is and the role it plays in reducing sibling conflicts
  • Identify HEARTS qualities in your own family that already promote a positive family culture
  • Create an action plan for removing negative HEARTS qualities and replacing them with positive ones that lead to true transformation in family life

Here's what you get when you enroll today:


From Sibling Fights to Family Nights

  • 6 Modules Packed with Practical Heart-based Parenting Tools That Actually Work

    Follow B.J. as he leads you step-by-step through the practical heart-based tools and strategies that you can start implementing right away so you can see change that lasts because you're targeting your parenting on the heart work your children need

  • Understand and Strengthen Relationships and Cooperation in Family Life 

    Assess every relationship in your family so you better understand where the strengths and weaknesses are and know how to target your parenting work
  • Break Through Relationship Roadblocks and Grow Closer

    Build the understandings and core skills you need to start knowing what relationship roadblocks exist and how to develop Honor-based solutions that break through those roadblocks
  • Take Action to Bring Peace to Family Life

    Connect your new understandings and skills with the very real everyday situations you face in family life so you can both resolve and reduce sibling conflicts
  • Build Capacity in Yourself and Your Children to Resolve and Reduce Conflicts in the Future

    Internalize the 3 Step Family Peace Plan so that it becomes a natural way your family functions, conflicts in family life get resolved more peacefully in the future, and the number and intensity of conflicts reduces 
  • Learn How to Adapt Everything to Meet Your Children's Unique Needs

    Explore how you can adapt the tools and strategies you learn to meet the unique needs and challenges facing  your children so you can support your child the way they need while pointing them to Jesus in their daily interactions

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am very confident in the modules and resources I have here for you and know you will see results when you put what you learn into action with your children and family because I’ve seen it work.

If you complete each module each week of the course in the first 30 days including working with your children and you don't see some change in you and/or your children, then bring me your work to review for a full refund.  

Your “work” includes:

  • Your progress watching videos in the online course (which I can just check on my end of the computer) 
  • Your notes made on the pdfs from the course that you print out and use each week
  • Our conversation about your homework (i.e. families nights, meetings with children, etc.)  

If after that it is evident that you put in the work and just did not see results, I will issue you a full refund.

But that’s not what I am expecting for your family. 

Instead, I’m expecting that if you genuinely give your best to Jesus in this course, He will be faithful and you’ll see changes like this take place:

  • Parents shifting their parenting approach and feeling more empowered with the tools they need to address problems in family life
  • Parents and children embracing the concept of Honor and looking for ways to contribute to family life
  • Children using the tools and strategies they learn from their parents (either with the help of a parent or even independently)

Change does not happen overnight, but in those first 30 days, you will see some of this take place.  After that, if you continue implementing what you learned, you’ll continue seeing these positive results and more.

If for any reason you have a question or are unsatisfied during the course, then please let me know.  I'm your biggest champion and don't take my role as your coach through this process lightly.  I want you and your family to succeed!

Email me at [email protected] for anything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions others are asking before enrolling in From Sibling Fights to Family Nights


"Parenting from a heart-based approach is a wonderful concept but it takes intentionality and knowledge ... so the coaching helped to know what that practically looked like day to day with my kids.  I learned a lot about helping my kids regulate their own emotions and to encourage self-regulation in how I parented."


- Biblical parenting coaching parent

"I have learned a lot in the 8 weeks of coaching but one thing that sticks out in my mind is the effect of emotions. I realized that way too often I was pulled into the arena.  My daughter responds more positively in our "tough moments" when I am under control and not acting out of an emotional response. I also find our family is more effective at communicating, both ways now."

- Biblical parenting coaching parent

"We saw more emotional regulation from our daughter, and she is challenging herself to be proactive with her emotions.  There is improvement, and God is truly working.  We also learned that different strategies help each child to grow in character.  B.J. helped us navigate different approaches and to also accept God's grace in this process."


 Biblical parenting coaching parent

Still thinking about it?


From Sibling Fights to Family Nights 

is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You have a young family and want to lay a great foundation with your kids now so you do this well right from the start
  2. You have a couple of kids already and find yourself worn out playing referee all day long and want a better solution that resolves conflicts and even reduces them
  3. You have a family that includes tweens and/or teens and the arguing is never ending
  4. You’re tired of the conflicting messages coming from parenting books, blogs, and podcasts and just want to know the best, time-tested, and most practical tools and strategies that align with your faith and not only address your kids’ behavior but their hearts as well
  5. You think it is actually possible to have positive relationships with your kids even when dealing with conflicts in the family
  6. You’d like to have personalized support when implementing new parenting tools and strategies in your family so they are tailored to fit your needs and you know you are doing it right
  7. You want to go from feeling overwhelmed and outnumbered to empowered and effective in your parenting
  8. You find yourself struggling with your own emotions as a parent and feel guilty for failing to model what you say you expect and you're unsure how to move forward and change the momentum in your relationship with your children but you deeply desire to do so
  9. You are a natural learner and hard worker who is willing to put in the work and effort of putting the tools and routines into place to build the family your have always dreamed of

I can’t wait for you to join! 

If you made it this far down this webpage, then I know you want the real deal.  You don’t want to waste time with another set of parenting tips and ideas that sound great on paper but don’t work in your family when you try them out.  

After many years using the principles, tools, and strategies of a heart-based approach to parenting with my own 8 children, I can honestly say that this stuff works!  And I haven’t just seen it with my own children.  I’ve seen it with other families (just like yours) as I’ve worked with them as a Biblical parenting coach and presenter.  

I’ve gotten to see family after family come to me feeling overwhelmed and defeated and then watch Jesus demonstrate His faithfulness.  I worked with these families, and over time we saw true transformation in their children and families.  

Yes, it meant putting in some hard work and time up front, But like I always say: When you are a parent, hard work and time is a given.  You just get to decide when you do it - up front in a positive way or afterwards as you clean up the mess.

Start now with this course and you (like other parents before you) will have stronger relationships with your children, some positive momentum in family life, and a whole host of heart-based parenting tools to continue using.  Best of all, you'll have one other thing that keeps you moving in the right direction: restored hope.

Remember, there’s a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, though I don’t see you needing that since I know you’re a person who genuinely wants to see Jesus do some awesome things in and through your family.  

So when you’re ready, click that enroll button and join me.

All my best,