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Are you tired of dealing with the same misbehaviors in your kids again and again?

Do you feel like your kids might fix the behavior but not the attitude behind it?

Has all the parenting advice you've found felt either too harsh or too soft and you just want something that helps you parent the way Jesus wants you to?

Then it's time to stop second guessing yourself.

It's time to stop wondering if you're parenting "the right way".

Instead, it's time to start considering how Jesus has uniquely designed your family and how the tools He provides us to parent can help our kids have a change of heart that lasts.

It's time to find real, practical, faith-affirming, long-term solutions to the day-to-day problems and challenges you and your kids are facing in family life.

It's time to say, "Jesus, help me parent."


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Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m B.J.!  I help parents learn how to use a heart-based approach to parenting to empower their children with the skills they need to not simply change behaviors but to also change their hearts.


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These popular parenting resources are a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready to jump in to 1:1 coaching or a digital parenting course.

Start Managing Emotions Better

Emotions are a gift from God and are a signal to our hearts.  Help your kids and family start learning how to better manage these emotions as Jesus intends.


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Grow Closer with Your Kids

Working with our kids starts with relationships. Use this simple guide to better understand how your kid receives love and the simple, daily actions you can take in the next two  weeks to start seeing change.


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Be Encouraged and Empowered in Your Parenting

Too often, parenting is a journey filled  with discouragement and doubts. But Jesus offers a different message and a better hope for parents. Check out this timely message filled with inspiration and practical parenting advice for parenting in today's complex world.


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