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5 Simple Steps to Get Your Kids to Follow Instructions

Tired of fighting to get your kids to listen?
Parenting doesn't need to be about battles with our kids. There are better ways to teach our kids to follow instructions while actually responding to us with a good attitude ... when we focus our parenting on our kids' hearts.

Many times simple changes in how we interact with our kids can really make a positive impact. Over the next 5 days, get a brief (5-9 minute) parenting video each day with a new heart-based, practical parenting step that you can use with your kids the second you finish the video and start seeing change in family life.

These 5 simple steps have helped countless families experience positive changes, and they can help your family, too!
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Your Child's Roadmap for Navigating BIG Emotions

Lots of children (and some of us parents also) struggle with navigating BIG emotions such as feeling angry, sad, anxious, and more.

God gave us emotions in all kinds of sizes to act as signals for our hearts. So we don't want our children to stuff those BIG emotions down nor do we want them to just let those emotions fly like crazy.

Instead, we need to teach our children how to listen for and identify emotions early on so they can pause, understand what that emotion is trying to tell them, and make a plan for moving forward. This is key to raising emotionally informed and healthy children who love Jesus and hear His voice in their lives.
Grab your copy of this 23 page parenting resource chock full of printable posters and practical, heart-based tools strategies that will help you and your child navigate BIG emotions so you are empowered and experience greater peace in family life.
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Develop a Closer Relationship with Your Kid in 2 Weeks

If you're tired of the struggling, fighting, and distance in your relationship with your kid, I have good news for you!
Jesus wants better for your family, and He's empowered YOU to be the way He brings change.
Jesus's answer to our struggle is simply this: Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28-30).
Jesus wants to bring change to our families so that we may feel His rest and invite others to follow Him in His Kingdom ... starting with our children and extending to the world.
To do this, we need to start with relationships.
Take 2 weeks in your life.  Invest in your relationship with your kid, and see what Jesus does.
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Helping Your Child with Anger and Other Big Emotions

Every family needs a plan for managing emotions.  Children need to know how to recognize, understand, manage, and relate to emotions. Parents need to be able to teach this to their children and raise them in an emotionally informed and healthy manner while also responding to their children's emotions with grace, love, gentleness, and firmness.
Anger is one of the most challenging emotions to manage and one of the most common ones with which children struggle. 
Yet, Scripture tells us that "One who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and one who rules his/her spirit, than one who captures a city." in Proverbs 16:32.
Managing emotions is challenging but a challenge well worth accepting. But to win that battle, we must parent our children with their hearts in mind.
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Let's Pray: Your How-to Guide to Praying with and for Your Kids

Stop feeling stuck and unsure of how to help your kids grow their prayer lives and start becoming empowered to disciple them to become prayer warriors!  

Let's Pray is truly your how-to guide to praying with and for your kids to help them become prayer warriors who advance Jesus's Kingdom! The prayer tools and strategies in this resource are practical, Biblically-based, and time-tested to bring about heart change that lasts in your kids and family. Get started using these tools directly with your children today and watch their prayer lives begin to blossom (and yours too)!

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5 Lies Parents Believe about Sibling Conflicts

... and the Truths that Bring Peace

Have you all but given up on trying to stop your kids' bickering and fighting with each other?
Do you feel like there's just no way to change the situation or like this is just who they are? 
Maybe you tell yourself they'll grow out of it or that you fought with your siblings and now things are fine.
Jesus wants our family life to be more positive than this, and He has real answers that can bring lasting change to even the toughest of sibling relationships. 
To do this though, Jesus wants to start with us parents.  We need to start changing what we believe about sibling conflicts to we can heklp bring His peace to our home.
Take a look at these 5 lies as well as the truths that bring peace and see where Jesus wants you to have a new mindset about your kids.
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Teaching Your Kids to Honor Others

Family life can be a place of joy, peace, and connection. It can also be a place self-centeredness, frustration, and loneliness. What changes the dynamics in family life in the right direction is Honor.
The Bible defines Honor as:
     *  Treating others as special
     *  Doing more than expected
     *  Having a good attitude
Scripture tells us in Romans 12:10 to "Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves." Honor is at the heart of the Gospel. It places others ahead of ourselves. It gets the focus off of us and onto others. When we honor others, we are loving them the way Jesus loves by treating them as special, doing more than what they expect, and doing it all with a good attitude.
When we teach our kids to honor, we teach them to live like Jesus.
This printable resource provides you with multiple tools to begin the process of helping your children live like Jesus by treating others as special, doing more than what's expected, and having a good attitude. The tools and strategies in this printable are practical, Biblically-based, and time-tested to bring about heart change that lasts in your kids and family. Get started using these tools directly with your children today!
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3 Parenting Secrets The World Does Not Want You to Know

Why does parenting and homeschooling as a Christian sometimes seem so difficult?

When you understand these 3 parenting secrets, you'll suddenly realize what Jesus has called you to and empowered you to do.

Check out this inspirational and practical message about what Jesus has empowered and called you to and how you can use a heart-based approach to parenting to see your kids and family life transformed!

While this video presentation and printable resources is focused on homeschooling families, all parents will be inspired and benefit from most of this content.

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