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Why Emotional Regulation Strategies Don't Seem to Work and What to Do

big emotions emotional regulation Sep 04, 2023

 Hey there,


Have you tried lots of emotional regulation strategies like practicing deep breathing, giving a hug, using fidgets, jumping on a trampoline, and more and feel like none of them really work for your child?


Well then, you're in luck because that's exactly the subject I tackle in this week's video:



Sometimes it can be so defeating when we've tried yet another idea we found online or heard from a friend and then it doesn't work. It can feel like everybody's children seem to be able to manage emotions but ours.


Here's the truth though: There's nothing wrong with your child or with you.


Children who have big emotions or who feel emotions deeply can be challenging to parent but they also can be HUGE gifts to Jesus' Kingdom. Yes, you read that right.


Children with big emotions have been given a stronger sense of emotions than others, and we need these types of people in the Church. We need people in the Church who don't just hear the Gospel but feel it as well and are motivated to action (and push the rest of us in the right direction as well). When children with big emotions learn how to effectively navigate these emotions, they grow up into the people who plant churches, feed the poor, heal the sick, and care for widows and orphans. We need these types of people.


But our children's future effectiveness for the Gospel starts with our parenting now.


Don't let that last sentence scare you though because it really isn't based on how good of a parent you are. It's based on how BIG of a God He is and how willing you are to allow Him to work through you in your parenting. That's it.


So with that said, why not take a few minutes and watch this week's video.


You'll be so glad you did.


All my best,



PS - In the next week, you're going to start hearing me share about an upcoming free parenting webinar I am hosting all about this topic of helping children navigate big emotions. So keep your eyes on your inbox for details coming soon.


PPS - Here's the link to that free parenting resource I mentioned in the video.


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