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Use THESE Christian Parenting Strategies for Worry

anxious big emotions emotional regulation worry Apr 02, 2024

Hey everyone,


If your child (or even you) ever struggled with worry and anxious feelings, then this is a must-see video for you! And if you're thinking, "My kids don't really struggle with this," then I bet you know someone else's child who does. So ​check out this week's video​.




This is a deep dive video where we're going to understand a lot more about worry than most do. In this week's video, I interview licensed clinical social worker and Christian author Laura Kuehn. She wrote the book More Than a Conqueror, a Christian kid's guide to winning the war against worry. I love this book and highly recommend it! If you take the time to watch this interview, you'll see exactly why.


In this video, we tackle some big questions like:

  • What's so different about worry and this generation of children as opposed to even just one generation ago?

  • What's going on inside my child when they start to worry?

  • How can I help my child start to recognize worry before it grows too big?

  • How can I practically help my child with worry?

  • What do I say when someone tells me "worry is a sin" and I'm not helping my child correctly?

... and a ton more!


The data is in, and it shows that this generation of children struggle with worry and anxious feelings. Here's the thing though: Jesus' followers should have an answer for that, but too often we don't.


Don't let that happen anymore. Take some time to jump into this interview so you are armed with the knowledge and tools you need to help our children.


You'll be so glad you did!


All my best,




PS - This video is the full interview. In future weeks, I'll be releasing portions of this interview to highlight specific issues and questions. But I'm also going to be releasing my regular weekly video. So these highlights will be a bonus video every week for the next several weeks, but I won't include them in the weekly email. So you'll want to hit that subscribe button on my YouTube channel so you can easily find them when I release them.

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