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Tired of hearing, "I'm bored!" from your kids?

boredom complaining heart-based approach to parenting Jul 11, 2023

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It's early July, and that's about when the newness of the summer starts to wear off and we start hearing the phrase, "I'm bored!" around our homes. This week's video is not just a simple list of ideas. No, there's plenty of those on the Internet already.


Instead, I show you how to approach boredom at the heart: we need to change whining and complaining to a more solution-oriented way of thinking. If that sounds like something you want to learn how to do, then check out this week's video:



When our kids come to us whining that they are bored, we often try to solve the problem by suggesting ideas they can do.


Let's face it: that rarely works and usually just leads to more frustration in family life.


But the other problem is that this whining way of trying to solve the problem, just is not helpful for our children. When we solve our children's problems and respond to their whining like this, it teaches them that this is the way to get things done. Instead, we need to make a simple parenting shift that will help our children approach us with a more solution-oriented mindset.


What's that look like? Check out this week's video to find out.


You'll be so glad you did.


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PS - I also snuck in 6 boredom buster ideas as well. So check that out, too.


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