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Teach Your Kid How to Pray

prayer May 11, 2023

Hey there,


Lots of parents ask, "How do I get my kids to pray?"


God's answer is YOU show them!


But many of us parents respond by pointing out to God how unqualified we feel to take on this task.


That's probably why you want to watch this week's video:



This week begins a new series of videos I'll be working on over the next month focused on how you can help your kids learn to pray. Believe it or not, it is really not as complicated or intimidating as it sounds.


Many people view prayer as a private practice of our faith, and while there certainly are times when we are called to pray in private, if we read through the Bible we see many times where adults are praying publicly and with their kids right there beside them.


When we want to teach our kids to ride a bike, we show them how.


When we want to teach them how to wash the dishes, we show them how.


When we want to teach them how to share toys, we show them how.


But prayer? Well that's a private matter, kid. Go figure it out.


That's just not the right answer.


God calls us to disciple our children, and yes, this includes discipling them in how to pray as well ... even when we don't feel like we have a good enough prayer life ourselves to be teaching this to our kids.


So, go ahead and check out this week's video, and then go do what I show you in the video with your kid today.


You'll be so glad you did!


Stay tuned for some more prayer focused videos to help you in this area.


All my best,



PS - If you're looking for the free parenting prayer resource mentioned in the video, then head right HERE to get it.


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