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3 Step Process for Your Anger

parental anger Jan 31, 2023

If you’ve ever struggled with how to handle your own anger as a Christian parent, then  watch this week's video  to see a simple, 3 step process for your anger that you can use to help you start parenting calmer so you can become the parent you want to be.




I talk to a lot of parents through my coaching, digital courses, and live parenting seminars, and one topic that comes up again and again and again is the issue of anger in family life.


And as much as we need to talk about helping kids with anger, many parents have confessed to me their own struggles with managing their anger as well.


Many of us parents feel a lot of guilt and shame over this issue, but the truth is that we're not alone and Jesus wants to bring healing and heart change.


This week's video  is going to start a series of videos all focusing on how to handle anger as a Christian parent, and I want to start real practical by giving you a 3 step process for when you get angry that will help you start taking control of the anger that you are feeling.


Being able to recover quickly from emotionally challenging situations is a sign of emotional maturity. So it’s important that we learn to do this for ourselves and for our kids.


I hope this parenting video series is a blessing to you in your parenting.


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