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2 Simple but Powerful Parenting Strategies for Worry and Anxious Emotions

anxious big emotions emotional regulation worry Apr 12, 2024

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In the last 3 months, I've talked with a lot of parents and children about worry and anxious feelings. I've coached families and spoken at parenting seminars where parents tell me stories about their children struggling with feeling anxious about friendships, germs, death, and more. In my own community, I've experienced an earthquake and a shooting in the last month. So you can imagine the conversations I've engaged in.


In the process, I've discovered 2 specific parenting strategies that are very simple to implement and very powerful in helping our children but that most of us aren't using. Let me help you change that with this week's video:




This generation of children struggle so much with emotions, and feeling anxious and worried is one of the big ones. Chances are, if your child doesn't struggle with this, one of their friends do.


Worry is not a sin - it's an emotional response our hearts have when we perceive a threat. Worry grows when we try to ignore it or dismiss it. It must be dealt with head on, but how do we help our children do this?


With those two parenting strategies I mentioned are in this week's video. So check them out right here.


Then when you're done, go ahead and forward this email or share the link of the video with a few friends.


You'll be so glad you did.


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