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Why does my kid seem to misbehave when I'm tired?

correction heart-based approach to parenting parental anger Jul 17, 2023

Hey there,


Why do kids seem to always misbehave when I'm tired and just kinda "done"?


OK, so I can't answer that question. That's one of those mysteries of life.


Buuuut, I know one thing you can do to help yourself parent consistently even when you're tired, and it's in this week's video:




So here's the thing: we need to have a plan for when our kids get off track in their behavior and we're tired because it's going to happen. We can't keep having our current poor responses in these situations (you know, the irritated yelling or frustrated or grouchy voice we use). We need to make a change, but that change must start in our hearts.


The heart is where our beliefs reside, and currently we have some incorrect beliefs. How do I know that? Because our beliefs are what drive our actions. So if our responses to our children are inconsistent, that tells me we need to change something about what we believe in our hearts.


What needs to change about our beliefs, you ask?


You'll just need to watch this week's video to find out.


So go ahead and enjoy. You'll be so glad you did.


All my best,



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