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The Problem with Good Kids

heart-based approach to parenting Mar 15, 2023

"Do I really need to use a heart-based approach to parenting with my "good" kids? I mean, they're pretty good overall. Nobody's perfect. Sure, there's a few things we could work on, but I'm just glad they're not as bad as my other kids."


Have you ever found yourself saying something like that?


 Of course not but you have a "friend" who maybe said something like that, right? 😉


Sometimes we can get so tired out by parenting kids who present challenges that we don't invest our parenting skills into our "good" kids. But these "good" kids face some big challenges in their hearts as well. Check out this week's video to learn what those challenges are.


Yes, no matter how "good" any one of our kids are, the truth is that all of our kids struggle with sin. We just need to understand that these "good" kids struggle with different sins and in different ways.

So check out this week's video and find out why this is important and what heart problem you want to avoid with your "good" kids.

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