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When Kids Aren't Listening, It's Time to Stop Talking and Start Acting

action point cooperation Aug 18, 2023

Are you tired of those all-too-familiar power struggles with your kids and repeating your instructions to your kids over and over and over again? Are you longing for effective strategies that align with your family values and use a heart-based approach to parenting?


Check out this clip of B.J. Meurer and Dr. Scott Turansky, an expert from the National Center for Biblical Parenting, as they delve into the revolutionary concept of changing your "action point" in parenting – a game-changing strategy to bring harmony and understanding back into your home so you can learn how to get kids to listen without yelling, bribing, or threatening.



Lots of times we parents use anger to motivate our kids to take action. Uncover the secrets to anger-free parenting that empowers both you and your kids. Gain expert advice on how to ensure your child follows through on instructions, fostering a sense of responsibility and cooperation.


Dr. Scott Turansky brings his wealth of experience to the table, exploring the vital aspects of this approach. Together, they guide you through the process of identifying your unique action point for different situations and demonstrate how to seamlessly transition from talking to taking effective actions. Wave goodbye to yelling, bribing, and threatening, and say hello to a stronger parent-child bond built on respect and intention.


In this conversation, you'll learn:

* The transformative concept of the "action point" and its profound impact.

* Practical steps to craft instructions that resonate and lead to attentive listening.

* Strategies for anger-free parenting that nurture understanding and growth.

* Techniques to ensure your child not only hears your instructions but also follows through.


It's time to break free from the cycle of frustration and discover a heart-based approach that encourages your child's growth while enriching your own parenting journey.


Want to see the full interview?


Check it out here:



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