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Practical Strategies for Dealing with a Bossy Kid

bossiness demandingness Jan 04, 2023
Are you sick and tired of bossiness in your kids? Do you feel like you've run out of ways to correct bossiness and have just chalked this up to, "Well, I guess that's just my kid's personality."?
Then you want to check out this week's brand new video below:

Bossiness is really just immature assertiveness. Kids who struggle with bossiness often have great leadership potential, but it is immature and needs to be discipled rather than stifled.
When kids struggle with bossiness, they tend to have 5 specific skills that are under-developed. What are these 5 specific skills and what simple, practical steps can you take to start developing those skills so you can say goodbye to bossiness? That's exactly the focus of this week's video. I'll show you 5 simple strategies for addressing bossiness.


Yes, it's actually possible to see your child change in this area. Oh, it won't happen overnight. It will take some time and focused effort on you part and your child's part, but change that lasts is possible ... and with Jesus's help, it can happen sooner than you think.
And if you're thinking you're too late and your kid is too old to change, you're wrong. Not too long ago, I was working with a family and their teenage son. This kid is a great kid! He loves Jesus and is a smart, kind, funny, competitive, and strong-willed kid. It's that competitiveness and strong will that tend to turn into bossiness and cause problems in family life.
When these parents came to me, they just were not sure what to with this kid. They loved their son, but these bossy moments got under their skin like nothing else. They found themselves constantly struggling with anger, yelling, fighting, and more.
Then they began using a heart-based approach to parenting including some of the very strategies in this week's video. What happened?
Jesus did what Jesus always does, and we saw change happen. Yes, this family's son was still competitive and strong-willed, but now his parents knew how to help him change bossiness into appropriate assertiveness (including knowing when to tether that assertiveness and show more flexibility). The emotional energy around family life also calmed down as this teenager's parents learned some better strategies for managing their own emotions as well.
Relationships are a high priority for Jesus. Bossiness is looking to ruin them, but it doesn't have to be that way. Watch this week's video and see what you can do now to address bossiness in the hearts of your kids.
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