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How to Turn Bossiness into Assertiveness in Kids

bossiness demandingness Jan 12, 2023

If you've ever struggled with dealing with a kid who is demanding, bossy, or argumentative, then  this week's video  is exactly what you need:




Assertiveness is keeping relationships and people a priority while confidently expressing feelings, sharing opinions, or saying no without feeling guilty.


What bossiness really is is immature assertiveness. Our kids who struggle with being bossy have forgotten to keep relationships and people a priority but they've mastered expressing their feelings and sharing their opinions.


It's important to address this in our kids because it goes against what Jesus stands for. Jesus places a high value on people and relationships. So we must communicate to our kids that to follow Jesus well means we do the same thing.


So what do kids who struggle with bossiness like this need?


Well, they need a lot of things ... but one BIG thing they need is a parent who is patient and can teach them a better way.


When kids start controlling the play with their siblings, rudely telling us what they want, or any other number of bossy actions, they need to learn a better way. They need us as the caring adults in their world to use firmness to say this way is not OK anymore. But they then also need us adults to use visioning, teaching, and coaching to show them the right way to express those opinions and share those feelings.


"Oh, is that all? Well then, no problem." ... said no realistic parent ever. 🤣


It can be tough to know how to do this effectively. It takes time, patience, wisdom, and prayer.


It also takes some skills. That's what I want to show you in this week's video. I want to show you how you can help your kid before, during, and after a situation where they usually struggle with being bossy so that over time they learn a better way of interacting with others and experience true heart change from Jesus.


So take a few minutes right now and  check out this week's video , and if you find it helpful, do me a favor ... hit the like button on YouTube. It will really help.

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