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Get your kid to listen without yelling by changing THIS!

cooperation heart-based approach to parenting instruction routine Jul 31, 2023

Hey there,


If you're tired of using yelling and raised voices to get your kids to actually listen, then you NEED this video!


This can be changed and it's not nearly as difficult as you'd think.



I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Scott Turansky, co-founder of the National Center for Biblical Parenting and the co-creator of the heart-based approach to parenting. We had a great discussion about why teaching children to obey is important for conscience development and what we can do as parents to increase cooperation in our families.


But some of us think, "Oh yeah, right. You don't know my kids, B.J. I've got to yell to get them to do anything around here."


Kids respond to yelling because how we've been parenting has taught them that that's when they need to respond. If we change how we approach the situation and how soon we back up our words with the expectation of action, we'll see our children change as well.


Of course, this is all done within the context of a positive relationship with our child. Relationship is soooo important. Change can happen, and we can see our kids' hearts change and family life start moving in a positive direction when we start putting into action what Scott shared in this week's video.


So go ahead and check it out! You'll be blessed.


All my best,



P.S. Here's the links mentioned in the video:

🔸 Home Improvement video series (link for parent): https://legacy-minded-men.circle.so/checkout/5bjcl-home-improvement-video-series


🔸 Home Improvement video series (link for churches): https://legacy-minded-men.circle.so/checkout/5bjfl-home-improvement-video-series


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Also, if you want to work more on building cooperation in your family, these are a few must have resources from Jesus, Help Me Parent:


👉 5 Simple Steps to Get Your Kids to Follow Instructions - https://bit.ly/5SimpleStepsNow


👉 Get Your Kids to Listen ... And Know What To Do When They Don't - https://www.jesushelpmeparent.com/cooperate




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