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Get Curious to Help Your Child with BIG Emotions

big emotions emotional regulation Aug 28, 2023

Hey everyone,


Does your child struggle with BIG emotions like feeling angry, sad, or anxious, and when you try to help, nothing works or they get even worse?


If you're saying, "YES!!!" then this week's video is just for you:



Lots of times we parents get flustered when our genuine attempts at helping our children during these moments totally fails. Sometimes we even get upset and struggle with our own big emotions in the moment. But no matter what, we feel like we're failing and our child just continues to struggle with big emotions. What do we do?


While there are lots of strategies that can help our child in this moment, one very effective one that works with lots of children is a strategy called "get curious". In this video, I'll show you two specific ways to use this strategy with your child so you can start seeing more success in supporting your child as they navigate big emotions.


I'm telling you: once you start using this strategy, it's going to change things for you and your child, and the best part is that it is easier than you would think to implement. Getting curious is an excellent way of communicating empathy and partnership to your child in a non-threatening, non-judgmental, relational way that says, "I'm here for you. Let's move forward."


So I'm going to stop writing and let you get going so you can watch this week's video.


All my best,



PS - If you're looking for the parenting resource mentioned in this video, HERE it is:


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