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Build Responsibility and Emotional Regulation with This Everyday Expectation

cooperation heart-based approach to parenting instruction routine Aug 14, 2023

Hey there,


Does your child struggle BIG emotions whenever you call them to come and do something? Or maybe your child tries to ignore you? Maybe they yell back, "Whaaaat?!?" or "In a minute!!!".


If any of that sounds familiar to you, then this week's video is just for you:



Teaching our children to come when they are called is an important life skill, and it is a foundational skill for emotional regulation. There's soooo much going on inside our children's hearts when we call their names to come complete a task, and if we want to help our children develop hearts that can handle the demands of everyday life both now and in the future, we need to focus our parenting on develop our children's hearts in this area of responsibility and cooperation.


So what's really going on inside the heart when your child yells back, refuses to come, or tells you to wait? And what can you do to help develop their heart in the right direction?


That's exactly what I shared in this week's video. So go ahead and check out the 6 simple parenting strategies you can use today as you work on this with your children so you all can experience more cooperation and peace in family life and see heart change that truly lasts.


All my best,



👉 PS - Here's that link I mentioned in the video - 5 Simple Steps to Get Your Kids to Follow Instructions - https://bit.ly/5SimpleStepsNow



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