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The 3 Step

Big Emotions

Game Plan

Know How to Successfully Support Your Child
When They Feel Angry, Anxious, Sad, and More

Does any of this sound familiar?

You're frustrated with spending your days putting out emotional fires and feeling ineffective because you're struggling with not just your child's emotions but yours as well?

You're worried because you want to make sure you acknowledge your child's emotions and that your child feels heard BUT this is now a pattern and you don't want your child thinking it's OK to react this way?

You're tired of the same emotional outbursts, yelling, worries, and more everyday and not sure where to turn to find a resource or approach you can trust because nothing seems to work?

It doesn't have to stay this way.

Sometimes our children develop emotional patterns where they feel overwhelmingly angry, anxious, sad, or any other number of emotions.


Maybe this is new to your child.  Maybe it's been this way for years and you've tried a lot of solutions that never really worked long term.


Or maybe you're just looking for something that is time-tested, faith-affirming, and that actually works with your kids.  Whatever your reason, you're in the right place.


Jesus did not call us to ignore, stifle, or control our children's emotions.  Nor did He call us to let our children's emotions run wild and be captive to them either.  Instead, Jesus wants us to focus our parenting on the same place He focuses His work in us: on the heart.


Jesus wants us to use a heart-based approach to parenting because He knows that the real solutions for BIG emotions that will bring peace to our children and family life lie in bringing about change in the heart.


But so many parenting books, blogs, videos, and podcasts spend their time so focused on changing kids' behaviors that they never address the heart or show parents how to do that.  That's where this webinar is different. 


So join me to learn 3 steps for helping your children manage BIG emotions so you can lay a foundation for working on the hearts of your children and bring about change that lasts.


"There has been a positive shift in the dynamics of the WHOLE family.  It can and does work.  You have to be patient and allow time for the process ... but it works!"

- Biblical Parenting Coaching Client

In This Parenting Webinar


3 ways to help your child notice  emotions before they get overwhelmed 

You'll learn how emotions are processed in the heart and how to help your child identify their emotions with the goal of taking action before those emotions get too BIG.


2 conversation scripts that allow you to partner with your child to create a plan for success

Managing BIG emotions is not easy, but we are the best people to help our children.  There are two simple conversation scripts that you need to start creating a plan for success for the next time BIG emotions rise up so your child can move from coping to conquering.

1 multi-tiered parenting response that empowers you and your child with the tools and routines you need to navigate BIG emotions

Learning how to best respond when your child is struggling with an emotion can make all the difference in helping your child navigate emotions successfully.  Stop reacting to your child's BIG emotions and start responding instead with this routine so that you can have a positive conclusion that draws your child and you closer to Jesus and each other.



"B.J. is a wonderful asset to our parenting, and has completely changed the way we parent and view our children ... He is truly a remarkable human that loves Jesus and wants parents to thrive in parenting!"

- Biblical Parenting Coaching Client

"B.J. has an expansive knowledge of different ages. He is creative in crafting ideas on how to communicate with kids, which is so helpful in establishing a peace-filled environment in anyone’s home."

- Biblical Parenting Coaching Client

I've used these principles, tools, and strategies of a heart-based approach to parenting for my entire parenting career with my own 8 children and with the hundreds of children and families I've worked with.  I can honestly say that this stuff works! 


I’ve gotten to see family after family come to me feeling overwhelmed and defeated and then watch Jesus demonstrate His faithfulness.  I worked with these families, and over time we saw true transformation in their children and families.


So if you're ready to be empowered with some time-tested, faith-affirming, practical parenting tools and strategies that will help you bring change in your children and family, then join me for this webinar.  You'll be so glad you did!


All my best,