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Get Your Kids to Listen ... and Know What to Do When They Don't

It's time to stop hoping for something to change and actually see something change by parenting our kids at a heart level.

Take action now by jumping into these 3 powerful modules filled with practical parenting tools and strategies you can use right now:

  • Module 1 focuses on how to give instructions so kids listen while you also exercise their hearts in the areas of responsiveness, obligation, cooperation, thoroughness, and accountability
  • Module 2 focuses on how to use the 3 step process God uses with us when we get off track but with your kids so you can work on heart qualities like confession, repentance, responsibility, and restoration
  • BONUS Module 3 focuses on adapting these practical parenting tools and strategies for kids with big emotions, special needs, trauma, and more since every kid has a heart that God wants to reach